Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Pocket Guide

SSF4 Pocket Guide - SSF4AE Pocket Guide is an application that provides Street Fighter players with in depth character information for all the characters in the game. This includes a move list and frame data for each character. Here is the descripton as listed here:

Ever forget how many startup frames Ryu's EX Shoryuken is? Now you can look it up instantly in our all-inclusive guide made by dedicated SSF4 players for dedicated SSF4 players. All 39 characters have complete move lists and detailed frame data.

-- Move Lists
---- Unique Attacks
---- Throws
---- Special Moves
---- Super Combos
---- Ultra Combos

-- Frame Data
---- Startup
---- Active
---- Recovery
---- On Guard
---- On Hit
---- Block H/L
---- Damage
---- Stun
---- Special Notes

[Note: Cancel Ability and Super Meter Gain weren't included because we wanted to be minimalistic and didn't think they were necessary for a player using a portable pocket guide.]

Both move list and frame data charts are scrollable horizontally and vertically, with the top "Label" row and the left "Move Name" column always static. A lot of attention was put into this app to make this data look visually appealing and presentable, so try it out and let us know what you think!