Quick Text Pro

Quick Text Pro - Created an Android Application called Quick Text Pro that allows users to more easily send repeat text messages with three easy button clicks. Here is the descripton as listed here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kc.app.quicktextpro

Quick Text is a way for users to send SMS messages to friends and family without the hassle of having to type in messages every time. It lets you save custom messages and contacts that you frequently message so you can send messages with just three simple clicks instead of going through all the usual steps of picking a contact, hitting the message line, typing out the message, and then finally sending.

- Quick Text is set up as two lists. The left list contains user selected contacts. The right list contains custom saved messages. You can then select a contact on the left, a message on the right, and click the send message button to quickly send off an SMS message. It's as simple as that.

- There are easily accessible buttons and menu items to allow users to add contacts and messages.

- Messages and contacts can be removed easily from the list by long clicking the selected item from the list. Messages can also be edited / updated this way.

- You can store as many or as few contacts as you want. The same goes for messages. Messages should be under 160 characters long.

- After sending the SMS messages, they are stored so you can access your usual Text Message application and see what messages you have sent.

- After sending, a notification pops up to let you know that the message has been sent successfully.

- Great for saving time when sending messages repeatedly. For example, car pools, getting a group together, greetings, and more.


If you have a QR scanner, you can go straight to the app here: