3-D Modeling Projects - Self Portrait

Self Portrait Project - Completed a self portrait project for 3D-Modeling class. Modeled the head in Maya and textured in ZBrush. Made final touch ups to the texture in Photoshop for final model.

Self Portrait Steps - The self portrait was modeled using a smoothed cube to create the polygon sphere for the head. I adjusted faces on the mesh to create eyes and a muzzle for the mouth, as you can see in the first image. I added edge loops to shape the mouth and eyes, and extruded four faces for the nose. The ear on the right was modeled by lofting 8 CV curves to create the general shape of the ear before converting it to polygons and stitching it to the head. The ear on the right is the NURBS version and the one on the right is the unsmoothed ear after converting to polygons.


Final Model - These are the unsmoothed and smoothed versions of my final head model. The texturing was done using ZBrush to create the texture and Adobe Photoshop to touch up final details in the texture.


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