3-D Modeling Projects - P51 Mustang Fighter

Machine Project - Modeled the P51 Mustang American WWII Fighter. Used Maya for the model and textured using ZBrush. I created two textures so that there could be two different planes for the dog fight sequence I rendered for this project (The second texture is actually the same model but with the paint of the Supermarine Spitfire). The clip can be found in the [Special Effects] section of the website, as well as at the botom of this page.

Details - Used a mental ray mia material for the glass. You can see portions of the cockpit through the glass. The light blue reflections are from a sphere that encases the turn table.

Texture - Here's another picture of the second plane. The texture is of the British Supermarine Spitfire Fighter.

Action Shot - Here is a shot of the animation with the two planes fighting. Used a lambeth shader glow effect for the bullets and machine gun muzzle flash.

P51 Mustang - Chase Sequence

WWII Fighters - Created a chase sequence between two fighters. Used glow effects for the bullets and muzzle flashes. Shot three used a camera that followed behind the spitfire. The sequence uses the ocean environment shown below. The buoy in shots one and four is set as a boat in the ocean, which can be seen as it floats along the waves. The flag is attached to the pole as an nCloth object with a wind value set.

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