P51 Mustang - Chase Sequence

WWII Fighters - Created a chase sequence between two fighters. Used glow effects for the bullets and muzzle flashes. Shot three used a camera that followed behind the spitfire. The sequence uses the ocean environment shown below. The buoy in shots one and four is set as a boat in the ocean, which can be seen as it floats along the waves. The flag is attached to the pole as an nCloth object with a wind value set.

Character Animation Scene - Triceratops Clip

Character and Environment - Created a short clip animating my triceratops character model in an outdoor environment scene. Used fur effects for the grass, and bumped and textured the ground for the small visible patches of dirt. Used the sculpt 3D geometry tool to create the elevation change for the ground and the mountain. The sky and clouds use fluid effects containers, as does the explosion at the end of the clip originating from behind the mountains.