Physically Based Animation Project - Cloth Simulation

Physically Based Clothing Simulation (C++, openGL) - Created a cloth simulation project that used three different integration methods: Euler, Midpoint, and Runge-Kutta. The person was modeled using cylinders so intersections could be handled using particle-cylinder intersection tests. The tests track for cloth "collisions" where the particles are close to the cylinder as well as penetration, for when the cloth enters a cylinder as a result of the integration timestep being too large. When colliding, the particles are given a repulsion force so the particle will be kicked out, and penetrations are handled by moving the particle back out of the cylinder and applying similar repulsion forces.

Spring Network - The cloth uses a network of bend springs, shear springs, and stretch springs. These help to give it the look and "bounce" of real clothing, and adjustments to the springs can lead to different types of fabric.

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